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Do you Want to Get Married on an Island? 5 Reasons to Choose Madeira Island

14 Nov 2022 | Wedding Tips, Why Madeira

Getting married on an island brings luck and prosperity to the union, says the popular saying. The island of Madeira is known for celebrating numerous weddings, many couples visit this island and decide to organize their big day there. Foot in the sand or on the “calhau”, views of the sea, the sea, on top of the mountains, in the centre of the historic city… there are several options for ceremonies, combined with gastronomy, and sophisticated decoration, making the island a unique landscape, a frame special to record the eternal happy ending.

Several local companies have excelled in providing the best experience of that big day, detail by detail. There are spaces suitable for all types of parties.

Get married in spring, summer, autumn or winter? Any time of year is ideal to say “yes” in Madeira Island.

The perfection of nature 365 days a year transforms the charming archipelago into one of the most sought-after places for unique ceremonies. In addition to the tourist structure, you will find a fantastic welcome from the residents.

It is an unforgettable experience!

We present some of the reasons to choose Madeira Island as the location of your “Destination Wedding”.

Do you want to get married on an island? 5 Reasons to choose Madeira Island!

1 – The weather and beach weddings

Beach weddings are a delight. Those in love with the sun, sea and sand will understand all the fascination of holding such a special ceremony in a place so full of light and unique smells.

The guests are happier because they know it will be a more informal, colourful, flowery wedding, with light clothes, a simple wedding dress, and everything that matches the “beach” atmosphere.

A beach wedding, if you usually follow the tradition, is on a Saturday afternoon! The wedding guests already enjoy the beach on Saturday morning and Sunday during the day. Who doesn’t like that basic tan hangover by the sea is much smoother!

The wedding invitation becomes family fun and not a tie-and-suit obligation on the weekend. Lovers of a unique setting, getting married on the beach, and newlyweds who like to feel that emotion during the ceremony, need to organize some details before the big day arrives.

We must also, without a doubt, mention that the weather is unpredictable. Tides are predictable, mathematical weather forecasting models are accurate. For the climate too, however, the climate is more volatile because it involves the air, and the winds, which change all the time.

Therefore, we have several forecasts available within a month and even in the week of the event, in order to manage and plan solutions, so that on the day everything is in accordance with what was planned and projected by the Bride and Groom.

2 – Gastronomic island

Another reason to Get Married on an Island is its gastronomy. Your wedding can speak about your personality, having a wedding party that matches your way of seeing and living life is extremely great!

Families are happy to share stories, the celebrate of the wedding, families fraternise and remember the memories and achievements, through foods that tell more than history, that celebrate life!

The island of Madeira is also known for its gastronomy, all tastes will take you on a journey that will please the bride and groom as well as their guests.

On the big day, you can organize several stations with all the gastronomic variety, showing your guests regional delicacies. Tables filled with hand-meal snacks, a variety of cheeses, sausages, salads, fruits, and seafood, all set in a light and colourful setting. The proposal is to leave everything exposed in order to greatly value the gastronomy and presentation, as always, we are of the opinion, around here: “to eat with your eyes”.

These food stations can be creative and full of personality, it’s worth understanding the couple’s profile, the descendants of the families, and the location of the event…

The tables with the food can follow the style of your wedding decoration and follow the same shades of colours, they can match the scene of the party.

Always think about the items that you (Grooms) like the most, have a combination with varieties that complement each other and make your party an event full of connection and affection, nothing better than involving your wedding with gastronomy rich in foods with history, varied palates and to brighten up your day. Create a moment of great nostalgia and surrender, memories in the near future, when celebrating various wedding anniversaries.

3 – Nature and Adventure

Madeira is a volcanic island, with dramatic mountains, rocky coasts and funny accents in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also a find for nature lovers.

Its natural wealth is one of the many reasons to visit Madeira Island, where we find a protected forest by UNESCO, mountain peaks and hundreds of kilometres of Levadas, and irrigation channels that transform the landscape in a peculiar way.

If you prefer to get married in nature, the island of Madeira offers several unique scenarios, from the sea to the mountains, this island is full of charms. If the wedding is a single day in the life, the place has to follow the moment.

The outdoor wedding with the civil ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most captivating choices for many couples who visit this island looking for the ideal place to hold their wedding.

We have a very positive point on the island of Madeira, the weather is magnificent, and they have a lot of choices because most of the year the weather is fine. Summer is very attractive because you can celebrate the event outside, taking advantage of the warm nights.

And a little adventure before or after the event, your guests will love the countless activities they can do together or individually… Madeira offers a little adventure! In several options, we suggest:

If you want a challenge, canyoning is a perfect activity. Try our Intermediate Canyoning in Madeira if you feel ready for more challenge and adventure!

Come and have fun in a Land Rover 4×4 and we’ll take you above the clouds to see the sunrise. It’s time to be adventurous and enjoy the best of the island, nature!

Boat ride:
Cetacean sighting in Madeira Island. One of the main attractions of Madeira Island is undoubtedly its sea and its rich marine biodiversity. This trip takes you on a relaxing trip in search of dolphins and whales (and other marine life) along the south coast of Madeira, discovering one of the most beautiful sceneries in the sea of Madeira.
A trip lasting 3 hours, in which you will have a strong possibility of being able to observe several species of dolphins and whales in their natural habitat, a unique moment of contemplation that you will hardly forget. During the trip, if the winds are favourable, we will host the sails and you can experience the unique and relaxing sensation that is sailing.

Madeira food and wine tour:
The beautiful city of Funchal hides among its streets and alleys an exciting past full of stories and aromas to discover. This is our proposal! Join a local Madeira Wine Tours guide and explore the city while discovering our gastronomy, history, architecture and of course our wines! We will take you to taste the most traditional and authentic, passing by some restaurants, wine producers and markets, in a route designed to make you a Madeiran for a few hours!

Walks and Levadas:
The Ponta de São Lourenço walk runs along the easternmost peninsula of the island of Madeira, where you can see vegetation different from the rest of the island, with low vegetation and the absence of trees, such as the Perpétua de São Lourenço (Helichrysum devium Johns) and the Ice Flower (Mezembryanthenmum crystallinum). Ponta de São Lourenço is classified as a partial nature reserve and is part of the European network of sites of community importance – Natura 2000 Network.

At the end of this route, we find the Sardinha house, support for the guards of the Madeira Natural Park. After a few minutes of rest, we return along the same trail.

Breakfast above the clouds:
The world could easily be divided between those who wake up very early in the morning and those who prefer to stay a little longer in the comfortable warmth of bed… worth it. Breakfast above the clouds! Imagine leaving your hotel before dawn and climbing the mountain as the sky begins to change to a lighter hue in the starlight.

They reach one of the highest peaks on the island at an altitude of 1818 meters to be exact when the sun is about to rise over the horizon. While they are busy with photos and selfies in this magnificent landscape in this sublime moment, the hotel team prepares a feast. The table is set with all kinds of delicacies as they toast the arrival of the new day with a glass of sparkling wine in hand.

The smell of coffee, eggs and freshly cooked bacon reminds you that it’s breakfast time. Scrambled eggs are as fluffy as the clouds you see floating below you and freshly squeezed orange juice is as stimulating as the freshness of the pure mountain air.

They look at the table and wonder where to start smoked salmon, charcuterie, sausages, omelettes, pancakes, pastries and a variety of different pieces of bread. You will wonder how you managed to bring all those delicacies up the mountain and assuage your gluttony guilt with delicious slices of fresh fruit to finish off your meal.

Hardly anything can be more luxurious than this!

4 – The Pearl of the Atlantic

Top 5 Wedding Locations in Madeira Island: Ponta do Sol

The largest of the islands that make up what is now called Madeira is known by this beautiful name. Although many people think that it is just an island, we are really talking about an archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the Canary Islands and belonging to the nation of Portugal. The archipelago is made up of two inhabited islands: Madeira and Porto Santo, as well as two other groups of desert and uninhabited islets, called Ilhas Desertas and Ilhas Selvagens. Many were the names given to these islands over time, as well as the famous characters associated with them. Without going any further, one of the idols of the football world was born in Funchal, the capital of the island of Madeira. Yes, we are mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo. But history has also left its mark on these islands and such celebrities as Sir Winston Churchill and Empress Sissi visited and admired these islands when they were still alive.

This beautiful place has incredible landscapes, especially for nature lovers in its purest form. The paths to explore the interior and the steep coast of Madeira tend to follow the paths traced by the Levadas, water pipes from the time of the conquerors (s. XV) that cross hills and fields to bring water to the populations. Hiking lovers have a paradise in this network of canals, which form a set of routes for each more interesting and spectacular.

The absence of great beaches is perhaps the most notable thing for tourists who arrive in Madeira with the idea of ​​finding a sun and beach destination. But the island has much more than sand to satisfy visitors, who won’t be disappointed. In addition, the waters that surround the island are transparent, warm and blue, making it a paradise for tropical and subtropical fauna, perfect for diving and underwater fishing. The natural pools on the rocks are also a great place to have fun and whoever wants to lie on a golden sand beach can visit the beautiful island of Porto Santo, where its large sandpit also has therapeutic properties.

It is worth highlighting, in this beautiful archipelago, its gastronomy. The culture of stoves acquires even greater importance in Madeira, with dishes made from fish, seafood and meat, such as soups, stews, desserts and, of course, the world-famous Madeira wines. A visit to the cellars of the winery will allow us to taste the best vintages of these wines, to take back a bottle of delicious nectar as a souvenir… And all the landscapes of Madeira in the retina.

Madeira is an island of music, a fact unknown to many travellers. The promotion of activities related to this art was a great initiative of the local institutions and the result of this work is the Festival do Atlântico, which takes place during the month of June. This festival is made up of three main events: The Madeira Music Festival, the National Fireworks Competition and the performance of the Philharmonic Bands. During the days of the event, in the streets of Funchal, there are many exhibitions, musical shows, concerts and events, such as the Rally back to Madeira. Two months later are the feasts of Nossa Senhora do Monte, specifically on the 15th of August. These are the festivals of the patron saint of the island of Madeira and its streets are filled with life and entertainment.

In September, a very special festival is celebrated on the island: The Madeira wine festival. It takes place in the cities of Funchal (with exhibitions, tastings and events) and Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. This party is something worth seeing and is especially recommended. The Festa do Estreito begins with the live harvest in which the grape collection is a fundamental part in which both islanders, tourists and travellers can take part. The harvest follows a parade and ends with treading the grapes, all surrounded by the best festive atmosphere.

Carnival is also celebrated with passion in Madeira, but always trying to keep the root celebrations more popular.

In spring, on an island that owes much of its beauty to flowers, the Festa das Flores takes place (in April), when floral carpets cover the streets of Funchal and the floor is coloured in the flower market. Saturday is the time for the children’s parade, and on Sunday the festivities end with the Great Flower Parade, full of spectacular floats, full of flowers, which dress the city in a fantastic prism.

It is not possible to end this tour of Madeira without mentioning its nights, lulled by the murmur of the Atlantic Ocean. Taste a Madeira wine or a fruit cocktail on one of the terraces or bars in the different locations on the islands, even better if you can combine it with the spectacle of a magnificent sunset. In addition, there is an abundance of nightclubs and live music in the trendiest bars.

5 – Weddings and Honeymoons

Top 5 Wedding Locations in Madeira Island: Funchal

Dream wedding in Madeira, surrounded by the sea and unique nature. Madeira is the dream destination for couples who do not give up an environment surrounded by nature on their big wedding day. Whether on the beach, in hotels with unique views or in farms surrounded by the Atlantic breeze, this incredible island offers a wide variety of spaces for holding your wedding reception.

If you opt for the north of the island, you can find numerous options in the Santana region. Known for being a place with strong contact with nature, where the green reigns and the magic of its houses give it a special touch, it is the ideal place for couples who want to surprise their guests on the day with an attractive cultural touch.

Do you like a more urban touch?! Go further north and, both in the capital, Funchal, and in the region of Ribeira Brava, you have a diverse range of possibilities for spaces, with a more rustic and, at the same time, more urban.

Choose your space on this incredible island of Portugal, famous for its volcanic origin, and extensive endemic, native and extremely exotic flora, not to mention the Mediterranean climate that will make your wedding a dream wedding!

You will find places to get married in the middle of nature, some more luxurious, others more relaxed, some more expensive, and others more accessible.

In addition to living a unique and incredible experience, you will realize that you will be able to save a percentage of the amount you were thinking of investing.

We have shown a few reasons to have your Wedding on Madeira Island

Nowadays, it is very important to organize, destination weddings well in advance, because only then will you be able to manage the available budget, as well as your guests, can organize a family outing to a distant country.

We are giving you a taste of the beauty of Madeira. We launched the challenge of organizing your big day with us on this wonderful island! Madeira Island awaits you! Embark on an adventure, where the destination is breathtaking and where everyone will have eternal memories in a happy stay!

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With the perfect harmony between sea and land, Madeira Island offers a wide range of options for your wedding ceremony.

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